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Dear all ,

The system is born of a passion: the Internet, building sites, but also create ... but also a willingness to offer a wide public solution to create and manage websites simply, efficienyt and professionaly.

After several years of development, the goal is achieved with a stable and successful implementation. I thank all members for their confidence but also their trade which allows me to improve every day.

Indeed, we are a small company with a small team at your service. A society to a human scale.

We want to be closed to our members, to listen to them. It is thanks to trade with our members that the system is improving every day and provide services more comprehensive, including:

     * Formulas and Pack Pros among the cheapest in the market with services and options for high quality
     * The design of the site: In this regard, the development is steady with a brand new version more professional you can now enjoy. This version has been designed to marry close your remarks.

     * Enrichment modules site: Over the years various modules have emerged as the promotion tools or the multi-linguages moduleand we are constantly to propose options more interesting and intuitive.
     * A constant work in progress on the accessibility and interactivity
     * Around the application is formed a community of members and customers always increasingly.

Our desire to change and listening to our customers is ongoing. We are at your service and that's why, I repeat, we docommunicate and work closely with our customers. A state of mind which we reap the fruit today, those of your satisfaction.

This is the greatest reward and further evidence of the confidence given to us.

Jean-Baptiste Mounier - Founder and Managing Director