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Welcome on's support! Do you have a technical problem? All the's team is at your service and will answer to each of your needs. is giving you disposal some help and information tools:
  • Are you a beginner or an expert, you'll find answers to the most frequent questions  in our FAQ - Foire Aux Questions. We are updating this section step by step on your request and question. You'll find them below.
  • You are already member, you have the access to our forum where you can leave your questions, comments, requets and exchange technical advices with all the members and our support.
  • You can also contact our support to the following address

1. Edit Page HTML
Edit Page
       1.1. Toolbar Edition
    How to edit and format a page with the toolbar HTML edition
             1.1.1. Insert an image in the content
    To insert images in the content, it does not work as in Microsoft Word. We must first put the images on the server, in the other words, on your image account and then reselect again the image that will be inserted into your content.
             1.1.2. Create a hypertext link
    Create a link towards an internal page of your site, another site, a document…
       1.2. Line skipping
    Make a simple line skipping
2. Images
What to do with your images on your site? You must make sure that the images are not too large. And then, on your HTML page, you have galleries image with graphic filters to post your images…
       2.1. How to reduce the size of your images?
    If your images are too heavy and the system will announces it to you…
3. Multimedia
Manage images, video, audio, documents, pdf... easily. Different folders are containing different file types.
4. General Functions
In this chapter, you will find easy ways or explanations about the Internet, your computer and how to use them in general.
5. Copy/ Paste/ Cut
How copy/ paste, cut/ paste text, images, tables, files… The procedure is showed below and in general always the like that...
6. How to modify my title, my password or my theme graphic?
Click on “config” in your interface member…
7. How to add a page?
You must be registered and have an active account… By default, in the inscription, you already have a built pre-page…
8. Types of pages
Your type of pages to create and to manage your website in
9. Is it possible to change a creation-website's site with a name like the .com or a .fr for example?
Yes, it is enough for you to buy your domain name in any supplier or registrar on line. We prefer to leave our customers manage their own domain name independently and free for their choice and movements…
10. E-Commerce
Create a site, it's ok, but to sell, it's better. With, it is all possible!
11. Is my site inactive?
Does my site indicate in "under construction" or "inactive"?