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How to reduce the size of your images?
If your images are too heavy and the system will announces it to you…

First of all, there are two sizes of images:
  • Size in pixels: it is “the true” size - imagine that the pixels correspond to a measuring unit, such as cm or mm. More your image has pixels, more large it is… Maximum size advised: 640 X 480
  • And then there is the size in KB - the weight of the image. 
    To decrease the weight you can either “reduce the size in pixels”, or you can increase the compression (it is like when we press on a dustbin: more we push, more the things we can put on it). Advised maximum weight: 100 KB (in high flow, a photo with this weight can be up dated in 3-4 seconds. In low flow, we need almost 40 seconds!).
To put your photo on the website or, in general it wil be enough to reduce the size in pixels. Here how to proceed:

* First you have to download a tool of graphics, p.ex. Image Resizer or and install it. Or you can use Graphex, Photoshop, ACDsee, PaintShop Pro, Gimp, Iphoto (Mac) etc. You can in addition find many software in
* Launch it and put it in English (in the menu).
* Upload your image by selecting it in bottom on the left.
* Click on “JPG” in general and modify the value in the field “pixels” - put a value as 300 if you want to prepare your photo for your site and click on “ajuster la grandeur” or "redimensionner” (depends on the selected translation).

And your image is reduced!