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Insert an image in the content
To insert images in the content, it does not work as in Microsoft Word. We must first put the images on the server, in the other words, on your image account and then reselect again the image that will be inserted into your content.

1. Click "Insert Image" in the toolbar.

FAQ 1_1.gif

A popup window opens. Beware, some of your browsers can block the opening popup windows, it is necessary to disable this feature on your Internet Explorer or Firefox or other browsers (usually the function is called "Pop-up Blocker").

2. You can then choose a picture and directly select it or you have to first download the image in your image account. Indeed, the insertion of images does not function as a simple copy / paste as for the text from your computer to your browser (and the interface

In this case, select an image on your "Browse" (your computer) and then click on "Upload" - the system will download the image to the server. Wait for a few seconds, the system uploads the image to the server and the image is then available on your image account.


* You can also select a folder or create a new folder for your images to classify it.
* You can download one by one all the images you need for your content.

3. Your or your images are available in your image account. Select and click on a picture and then click "OK".

* When the images are too big, the system will only display the file name, but the files are present.

4. And now ... Your image is in your content.

* This option is not the same as the option "Gallery" page which is dedicated to the management of images and data (read product) including the graphic effects.

* For approximately the same procedure, you can insert Flash animations or downloadable files with icons:

insert_image_icon.png : Inserting images
insert_flash_icon.png : Insert Flash animations
ikonlien.jpg : Inserts links or files

The Multimedia Manager also allow you to view and manage all of your files, whatever they may be.
Create a hypertext link